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Norway Duplex

Clients purchased a 100-year-old farmhouse/ Duplex on their town’s Main Street that needed some major repairs and updates. The plan was to make it liveable and inviting for their out of town guests to stay in as hotels are few and not close by. The building hadn’t been touched in over 50 years and had last been owned by hoarders. The entire interior of the structure was demo’d and redone.

After removing ceilings and walls, electrical and plumbing, gutting each unit’s kitchens and baths, we put her back together. Top floor unit has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, while the 1st floor unit has 1 bedroom with a pull-out sofa. Even though guests would be staying for sort periods of time, we wanted these places to feel like home and be comfortable, be self contained and have everything they would need, including everything to cook with. Both units were furnished and decorated as shown.

This project started in early December 2017 and was completed mid-March 2018, so only about 3-1/2 months. The transformation is amazing and their guests will be delighted to spend a few very comfortable nights here while visiting.

Photography by Peter G. Morneau

Norway Duplex