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At-Home Consultation

Our most basic option, the At-Home Consultation provides tailored design direction for your space. During the on-site visit, we'll propose solutions for the design challenges you are facing from furniture layout and color schemes to sourcing and styling.


Personalized Design Package

Our Personalized Package is a popular option for clients who need assistance creating a cohesive design plan and sourcing individual pieces for single or multiple rooms. It's also the choice when a renovation is being planned, bathrooms, kitchens, or other.


Complete Design Package

The Complete Design Package is a comprehensive full scale design option. Whether the scope of your project is a single room

or a whole house option, we can help coordinate trades for large portions of the project and with you on style, finishes, furniture, etc.

Either by shopping with you or for you, Robin can help you achieve the look you're after by saving you time and money. Our resources allow us to find you the right products to give you the space you want, but didn't know how to get there.

Project Management

Working alongside your architect and contractor, we can be onsite when you can’t and be your liaison as the project moves along by making sure your vision is achieved and challenges can be dealt with quickly to keep things moving along.